Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Give Thanks Always!

Several years ago, my hubby and father in law made large candy canes and a large santa face to hang on the front of our house (since then many sets have been made and given as gifts to family, friends, etc). They are cut from 3/4" wood and are really heavy. The candy canes and santa face are outlined with small lights and are definitely "one of a kind" (OOAK) decorations.

While our strong son-in-law was here for Thanksgiving this year, he helped my hubby to hang the candy canes, santa face and the strings of lights...outlining our house. The Santa face is heavy, very ackward to hold, stand on a ladder and hang above the garage door, so Scott's help was especially needed and appreciated.

Over the weekend, I remarked to my husband that I needed to remove my "Give Thanks" Thanksgiving sign that I painted with pilgrims and a pumpkin hanging below the sign. (photo of the sign is posted on the left side of my blog below). It is hanging by our front door. He replied..."Don't we need to Give Thanks Always?".

After Christmas, I am going to paint a sign with the words on it "Give Thanks Always". Until I get that sign painted, my Thanksgiving sign will hang by our front door and will remain on my blog.

Don't forget...Give Thanks Always!!!

Take Care and God Bless!

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