Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New member of our family

Hi Blogger Friends!
We have been without our 12 year old dog for two months tomorrow. It has been so hard since we had to put him down. We have really missed him. I have been looking on the internet, at our local SPCA, newspaper, etc and my husband and I saw this guy on Saturday at our local SPCA.

I brought him home today and he is making himself at home...already acts like he owns the place...I think I am in trouble!! We have not decided on a name yet...the teen voluteers at the SPCA called him "Cotton" and then changed it to "Waldo"! I like the name "Sandy" but I guess that isn't very masculine, is it? lol! Anyone got any ideas? Let me know if you do.
He doesn't care for his collar, nor his leash and has yelped/howled when I put him in his crate (I had to leave for awhile). Hopefully, the noise level will reduce soon...I certainly hope so.

Right now, he is curled up in a towel, sound asleep by my feet while I am blogging. I better wake him up or he might not want to sleep tonight. Oh may be a long night!
Take Care and God Bless!