Saturday, March 5, 2011

Everywhere God Will Come to Meet You

Happy Saturday to all! Hope you are warm where you is cold in Oklahoma. We have been spoiled lately with beautiful/warm weather. Come quickly, spring!!

Today's post from "Creeds of Faith and Inspiration"...another good it twice.

To be capable of knowing God, and to wish and hope to know Him, is the road which leads straight to the Good; and it is an easy road to travel.

Everywhere God will come to meet you, everywhere He will appear to you, at places and times at which you look not for it, in your waking hours and in your sleep, when you are journeying by water and by land, in the nighttime and in the daytime, when you are speaking and when you are silent; for there is nothing which is not God.


Take Care and God Bless!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Crafty Stitchers is having a giveaway...

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While you are on their blog, please check out their Etsy link too. You will be glad that you did!

Take Care and God Bless!!

God is always whispering to us....

Happy Friday to all! It is cold in Oklahoma, just like the weatherman said it would be today. The north wind is back and howling pretty good.

Todays post from "Creeds of Faith and Inspiration" is really good. We need to stop and listen!

There is hardly ever a complete silence in our soul.

God is whispering to us well-nigh incessantly.

Whenever the sounds of the world die out in the soul, or sink low, then we hear these whisperings of God.

He is always whispering to us, only we do not always hear, because of the noise, hurry and distraction which life causes as it rushes on.


Take Care and God Bless!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

May God Bless You.....

Another beautiful day in Oklahoma, but the weatherman says that will change tomorrow...colder temperatures, north wind blowing and possible snow. Oklahoma is known for having their all time highest snow accumulations in it should be an interesting March!

Today's excerpt from "Creeds of Faith and Inspiration" is another good one. I don't know about you, but each of the poems/scriptures have been a Blessing to me.

May God Bless you with good health
and close friends every day the whole year
through. May God protect you and look
after the loved ones around you. May God
love you and always be near, wherever you go.

-Arida Fuller

Take Care and God Bless!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You Can Do Anything if You Believe

Beautiful weather in Oklahoma today...wonder how long it will last? That is one thing about Oklahoma's weather...wait 5 minutes and it will change!

Today's post is super and reminds me to always BELIEVE.

("Creeds of Faith and Inspiration, a collection of poems/scripture edited by Robin Andrews).

You Can Do Anything if You Believe

You can do anything if you believe.
If you take God's hand,
then you will receive.

Pure peace and calm
and love He will supply-
courage and patience
you cannot deny.

See yourself perfect and whole
every day;
don't let the negatives
stand in your way.

With the faith of a child,
you can honestly know
the opportunity is yours
to strengthen and grow.

Believe every second
that you always have hope,
strength to endure,
and ability to cope.

But far beyond this,
you'll find peace of mind;
if you trust in the Lord,
the answers you'll find.

Believe you can do anything;
let it always be true,
and the best things in life
will be open to you.

-Edna Louise

Take Care and God Bless!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Faith is to believe what we do not see......

Happy March 1st to everyone! It looks like spring may be here soon. I am happy about that, but not happy about the thunderstorms, hail and tornadoes that come with the season. Although, in Oklahoma...tornadoes can (and have) arrived during any month of the year.

Today's post is short but very powerful! Since it isn't long, read it at least twice...maybe more. You will be glad that you did.

Faith is to believe what we do not see;
and the reward of this faith
is to see what we believe.

-St. Augustine

Ask and it shall be given you;
seek and ye shall find;
knock and it shall be opened unto you.

-Matthew 7:7

(From "Creeds of Faith and Inspiration", a collection of poems/scripture, edited by Robin Andrews).

Take Care and God Bless!

Monday, February 28, 2011

You Can Be Perfect...Part Two...I goofed!!

I was in a hurry on Saturday when I posted, "You Can Be Perfect in Life by Living your Life with Love". I left out two paragraphs, so I will start over again...from the beginning! Sorry for the error...that is what I get for hurrying!

You Can Be Perfect in God's Eyes by Living Your Life with Love

Perfection is not gained
by doing some great thing well,
but by doing well
the simple tasks of life.
Perfection is not gained
by thinking some great truth,
but by living the simplicity of Truth
in daily life.

Everything which will ever come
into your life
affords you the opportunity to see
and be perfection.
Even the most simple task,
done with humility and love,
can be performed as a gift to your God.

Don't wait to be perfect.
You are perfect when you live your life
as love in action.
May the perfection which is God
be expressed by you today.

-W. Norman Cooper

Take Care and God Bless!