Monday, February 28, 2011

You Can Be Perfect...Part Two...I goofed!!

I was in a hurry on Saturday when I posted, "You Can Be Perfect in Life by Living your Life with Love". I left out two paragraphs, so I will start over again...from the beginning! Sorry for the error...that is what I get for hurrying!

You Can Be Perfect in God's Eyes by Living Your Life with Love

Perfection is not gained
by doing some great thing well,
but by doing well
the simple tasks of life.
Perfection is not gained
by thinking some great truth,
but by living the simplicity of Truth
in daily life.

Everything which will ever come
into your life
affords you the opportunity to see
and be perfection.
Even the most simple task,
done with humility and love,
can be performed as a gift to your God.

Don't wait to be perfect.
You are perfect when you live your life
as love in action.
May the perfection which is God
be expressed by you today.

-W. Norman Cooper

Take Care and God Bless!

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