Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Anyone have a favorite mystery author they want to share?

We had a good Christmas...although it was cut short because of the Blizzard that came through Oklahoma on the 23rd and 24th. We were able to be with both daughters, their husbands and our three granddogs. We were very Blessed to be able to get together and we really appreciated our daughters and their families for making the trip to come home for Christmas.

My Mom turned 91 on Christmas Day! My husband and I ate lunch with her, chatted awhile and then she was ready to take a nap. She was tired out!

I went to the bookstore earlier today and traded in a hardback book that I had purchased for my husband for Christmas. He was able to read it quickly because of the Christmas Eve Blizzard...we stayed was too cold to get out. He likes James Patterson's books because the chapters are really short and he likes that! I did get him another Patterson paperback book to read over the New Years Holiday, so he will be happy about that. (He also loves Robert B. Parker's novels...the Spenser series and the Jesse Stone series). I found two Jesse Stones paperback books today also, so my husband will a happy and busy guy! I really like the Spenser and Jesse Stone series also.

I love to read mystery novels and have recently discovered a new author that I really like. My sister introduced me to Julie Garwood and I have been reading the Buchanan-Renard series of her books. They are really good and I have thoroughly enjoyed them. While I was at the bookstore, I just "happended" (lol) to find another Julie Garwood paperback book that I hadn't read I will have a book to read over the New Years Holiday too! I can always read the two Jesse Stone paperbacks that I got for my husband also!

Does anyone have a favorite mystery author that they want to share/tell me about? If you do have one, please let me know...I would love to find more great authors. Just click on the "Email Me" button on the right side of my blog...Thank you so much!!

I have enjoyed reading Sue Grafton books, Janet Evanovich (I laugh so much when reading Janet's books...they are really entertaining), Mary Higgins Clark, Tami Hoag, etc.

Hope that everyone has a safe and Blessed New Year! Take Care and God Bless!