Friday, April 2, 2010

Do Americans realize how Blessed they truly are?

I have been thrilled to see that many people have mentioned, in their blogs, that this is Holy Week, today is Good Friday and all that this week means to those that believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour.

However, I wonder as we REALLY realize how Blessed we are...that we can state our religious beliefs in print...and share our thoughts with others. There are many countries in the world, where stating religious beliefs is not allowed.

We as Americans, have so much to be thankful for...that we can share our belief with anyone that wants to read our blog, post, etc. Some may not agree with our belief, but we won't be thrown in jail, tortured or killed for our belief that Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour.

The United States of America citizens need to be praying that we will return to our Founding Fathers beliefs and remember that "In God We Trust" is true and that phrase is not to be taken lightly.

Thank you, Jesus for dying for my sins!

Thank you, Jesus

Thank you, Jesus...for dying for each one of us!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

That First Easter

I know a man called Jesus,
Who from His grave arose,
On that first Easter morning
To vindicate our souls.

He bore the cross of Calvary
And shed His blood for you and me.
He paid a debt He didn't owe,
As through His blood forgiveness flowed.

Then, from His crucifixion,
Our eternal life was formed
And, through His resurrection,
That first precious Easter born.
(Author unknown).

Take Care and I hope that you and your family have a safe and Blessed Easter.