Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Did errands with my Mom today

Hope you are having a great evening and staying warm. Wow, the north wind is howling outside! We were very Blessed, because quite a blizzard missed us. Drifts of several feet have been reported! Ugh! Pretty early for that much snow!

Picked up my Mom (she will be 91 on 12/25) and we did several errands that she had been wanting to do. We were able to get back before the wind got too bad...I didn't want her out in the cold wind. I even did some Christmas shopping this afternoon!

My sister from Denver, will be here on Thursday for a few days. We always have alot of fun...giggling and laughing about the silly things we have done. She is so good about helping me with my Mom, and even came and helped me out in September...when I had my knee surgery. She is a real Blessing to me!! Thank you, Sis!!

We didn't get along very well when I was little (she is 8 years older than I), because I was always in her way (big sisters know what I mean!!) and she thought I got away with murder with my Mom and Dad. I am the baby of the family, so I was very irritating...at least that is what she tells me now! We have a blast together now though and the time she is here...goes by way too quickly! I always look forward to our time together. We try to take in a "girlie" movie while she is here and eat popcorn until we are sick! Of course, lots of Diet Coke to wash the popcorn down too!

Take Care and I hope everyone has a safe and Blessed evening! God Bless!

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  1. Hi,
    hope you enjoy your visit with your sister,sounds like you all have a lot of fun together. I wish I had some of your cold weather, the air conditioner just came on here, I am so tired of hot and humid.
    take care and your box willgo off tomorrow and thanks again for everything.