Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Sis has arrived in Oklahoma!

Hurray! My Sis has arrived in Oklahoma and I am so excited that she is here. She is my "Christmas present" and we tease each other about her wearing a red bow around her neck and sitting under the Christmas tree!

When I mentioned in an earlier post about us going to a "Girlie" movie and getting sick on the popcorn and diet coke...I failed to mention the Braum's Ice Cream that we devour while she is here.

There isn't a Braum's Ice Cream in Denver and she really loves their banana splits...really she loves the marshmallow creme that they put on the banana splits!! (She always asks for extra marshmallow creme!!). It is really creamy and she loves it. However, I wouldn't know about the marshmallow creme...I don't like banana splits...sundaes are my favorite. Chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce and lots of pecans...and I little bit of whipping creme and one cherry, please!

Oh course, she is beautifully petite and slim...but not so for me! I am a plus size gal and I have tried everything to change that...but so no avail.

Anyway, I look forward to our "Girlie" movie and making ourselves sick on popcorn, diet coke and Braum's ice cream!! YEAH!

Take Care and God Bless!

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  1. Glad your sister arrived safely! Sounds like you two are in for lots of fun. Enjoy your time together!! Merry Christmas!