Wednesday, February 9, 2011

God is Always There for You

This is the 3rd post from a super book titled "Creeds of Faith and Inspiration"...a collection of poems and scripture...edited by Robin Andrews. I hope and pray that you will receive a Blessing from this post and the fact that we are never alone...will lighten any burdens you might have today.

God is Always There for You

In living this life,
you may find obstacles
that cannot be surpassed,
and you may find problems that
cannot be conquered alone.

while you're shouldering
the burdens and enduring the
trials and tribulations...
you're never alone.

Even on the darkest nights,
you have a caring arm around you.
It is when all is dark that
God's most loving light
is shed into your soul.

You never walk alone.

God is always there
to give you a reason
to go on.

-Grace Lofton Taranto

Take Care and God Bless!

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