Friday, February 18, 2011

God Will Be There for You...encouragement for all of us

I have received one comment about my posts from the wonderful book "Creeds of Faith and Inspiration", a collection of poems Edited by Robin Andrews. I am praying that the poems/scripture will give you hope to cope with any problems that you are dealing with. The poem today is especially good! Why not read it again?? You will be glad that you did.

"God Will Be There for You"

Some of the best advice
a person can share
with someone they care about
is this...

"God will be there for you."

If you need to lean on someone,
there is no greater strength.
If you need to move away from
difficulty and move towards resolve,
there is no greater direction to go in.
If you wish to walk with happiness,
there is no greater traveling companion.

Follow your heart when it tells you
to believe, because there is no end
to the blessings
you can receive.

"God will be there for you".

-Alin Austin

Take Care and God Bless!

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